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Now when I say simple, I mean SIMPLE. The graphics are simple, the controls are simple, everything about this game is simple.

The goal of Simple Snowball is to use the arrow keys to dodge any and all incoming snowballs. For every ball that passes by you gain a point. Dodge as many snowballs as you can without getting hit... Good luck!


After receiving some feedback from Reddit I decided to make the game a little easier for users and add a couple more features. Now there are less snowballs at each difficulty level, and users have the ability to change the resolution of the game.

In addition, for the "Hard" and "Impossible" difficulty levels there are wrapped gifts that can randomly come across the screen. Catching these gives you more lives per game! Hopefully that'll help to make the higher difficulties more worthwhile.

The new version of Simple Snowball can be downloaded below:

Install instructions

1: Download "Simple Snowball.zip"

2: Extract and Run "Simple Snowball.exe"


Simple Snowball.zip 330 kB

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